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NibelZoo is an open source cross platform client-server game, designed for some AI compettitions. The current version (1.0.0a2) still has a couple of bugs to be fixed as soon as possible.
NibelZoo is written thoroughly in C++, and compiled using gcc 3.2.2 (Red Hat Linux 3.2.2-5). The game is distributed under the terms of GNU GPL.


Few years ago, I was thinking for a multi-user, client-server nibbles game. I'd written two versions of nibbles (in graphics) in Borland C++ and Borland Pascal, none of them had any network support. After reading BEEJ's guide to network programming, I started to develop one of previously written games (in Pascal, which was more clean), port it to Linux GCC and add some network features to it. It took whole my summer holidays (2002) and by the first days of fall, the first (alpha) version released.


You can always find the latest (and also previous) versions here.


I owe a lot to the author of nice game 0verkill, because networking structure of the game is mainly inspired by that game. Also there were some nice people in LQ who always tried to answer forum questions very well.

This project is abandoned, since I don't have any time to update it.

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